The Crawfords in Blairsville, Georgia
Zoe Crawford, Pete Crawford, Garran Crawford and Grandpa Gary Crawford

2007 - Four Generations of Crawfords in Blairsville, Georgia

Little Miss Zoe Crawford is happy sitting in her great grandfather Pete Crawford's lap. Zoe is the daughter of Garran Crawford and Hope Guffey Crawford of Blairsville, Georgia. Zoe is well known in the Union County area, due to her frequent visits to Video Unlimited where she helps out in the store. Zoe is really good at arranging video movies.

Little Miss Zoe is everyone's little darling. She is not a bit shy and captures hearts with just one smile. She is Gary and Sheila's first grandchild and will turn one year old on April 25, 2007.

(Update September 2010 - Zoe has a little sister named Layla Grace!)