Zell Miller signs new book

August 8, 2007 - Zell Miller promotes new book "The Miracle of Brasstown Valley"

Zell Miller recently signed over 200 copies of his new book, "The Miracle of Brasstown Valley," during a promotional event at the Book Nook in Blairsville, Georgia. The local book store was a hub of activity and excitement as the Senator and former Georgia Governor greeted friends, neighbors, and fans.

Zell Miller, with his fluid southern accent, spoke to the crowd. He said, "The Miracle of Brasstown Valley is about the beginning of Young Harris," said Miller, "It's a story I've been waiting a long time to tell." Miller went on to explain about his Granddaddy from Choestoe and how parts of the book relied on things Zell had heard him tell.

"The Miracle of Brasstown Valley" is not only about the beginnings of Young Harris College but much more. Miller writes about the Choestoe Valley in Union County, the oldest mountains in the world, where the nation's first gold rush occurred, where the fascinating Cherokees lived and suffered a terrible tragedy.

A long line of people wound through the bookstore for a chance to meet Zell Miller in person. They were not disappointed. Miller greeted each person, asked where they were from and how they would like their book signed. He graciously filled each and every request from "Happy Birthday and Best Wishes" to personal notes of encouragement and inspiration.

Exola Gates purchased a copy of the book for her great nephew who will be a month old on August 13. She says, "I'm going to mail it to him in Alexander, Virginia. I think this will be little Thomas James Caudill's first signed book. His daddy works in the Pentagon." Gene Harrison purchased several copies. He said, "One is for my half-aunt, Mary Ann in Americus, Georgia." Carol Klegg bought a copy because she is interested in the history of the area. People were buying Zell Miller's book to send to friends, to add to their collections, and just for the joy of reading.

Miller joked with guests at the book signing and asked them about their lives. He listened more than he talked but did give tid-bits of interesting information about himself during the event - Miller does all of his writing in long hand because he's a terrible typist. He doesn't have a secretary or an office since retirement. He wrote his first book, "The Mountains Within Me" 32 years ago in 1975. He enjoyed all the political offices he held especially being Governor. He has two dogs that he walks every morning.

Dressed in a polo shirt, gray slacks, and black cowboy boots, Miller is a southerner through and through. Gracious and polite, Zell Miller assured worried fans that he didn't have writer's cramp. "Bring them on!" he laughed. And they did. At least 200 people meet with Senator Miller to get his autograph and a copy of the new book.

Many thanks go to Senator Zell Miller for writing "The Miracle of Brasstown Valley." It is entertaining and a really good read. Thanks also to Stephanie Joyner and Angela Harkins from the Writer's Club for their participation in the book signing event. The refreshments were greatly appreciated by Senator Miller and all the people waiting in line. If you would like to purchase a copy of Zell Miller's new book, there are still copies available at the Book Nook.