Young Harris College Restaurant

January 25, 2008 - Young Harris College Restaurant in Towns County

What a fun place to eat! Young Harris College Restaurant is efficient, very reasonable priced, sparkling clean, and most importantly, serves up good food. From an outdated dining hall to a fabulous dining experience, the recently remodeled YHC Restaurant is absolutely amazing. Students, faculty, and the public can enjoy delicious and freshly prepared food while relaxing in a modern and friendly setting.

While renovations were underway, windows were taped up with paper so that the new look could be kept a secret. On opening day students (and faculty) walked around almost in shock - the impact was that huge. Aramark's District Manager Brad Blackburn and YHC President Cathy Cox were on hand for the unveiling. It was an exciting day for faculty and students.

Restaurant Manager Jennifer Martin says, "I would like to invite people in the local communities to try our Sunday Brunch. Everyone is welcome seven days a week - our doors are open to the public."

The concept is a lot different from the old dining hall. The newly remodeled YHC
Restaurant (the place is just too unique to be called a dining hall) looks almost like something out of the Jetsons (a space age cartoon from the early 60's) or Star Trek. Unlike the TV shows, a touch of elegance is provided by cathedral ceilings, rock-work accents, and café tables.

There's a large round island that caters to various tastes and preferences. Everything from fresh submarine sandwiches (made individually to order), salad bar, steamed veggies, and fresh fruit, to hamburgers (grilled to order), pizza, and fried chicken are available at the "all you can eat" cafeteria and buffet-like "stations." Along the walls are other areas with cold drinks, flavored coffees, and daily specials including fresh soups and chowders. Everyone is encouraged to mix and match - to create their own favorite meal. Make a salad at one "station," ask the friendly servers for chicken strips at another, add a piece of pizza, and decide on a drink. There is something for every taste.

Employee Andrew DeVane is busy preparing fresh turkey chipotle wraps. He says, "For students in college food is everything. I'm glad we can give these kids what they deserve." That is the attitude of all the YHC Restaurant employees. Another staff member says, "We like to pamper the students. I know most of their names and what they like on their hamburgers."

While all the remodeling work was going on, students ate across the street at Sharp Memorial United Methodist Church . Jennifer Marshall says, "They had 500 kids eating at the church three times a day for seven or eight weeks. We got through it thanks to Pastor Darris Baker and the congregation. We want to send a great big thank-you to them for their help."