Woman's Enrichment Center

Woman's Enrichment Center in Blairsville, Georgia

The Woman's Enrichment Center recently moved to its new location at 11 Patrice Drive in Blairsville, Georgia, and celebrated with a Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting. Many guests attended the event.

The Woman's Enrichment Center, serving the Blairsville Community for over fifteen years, has a beautiful new facility. All services are free, confidential, and compassionate.

The Women's Enrichment Center is located on land given by an anonymous donor. The attractive and modern building is dried-in with money donated by an anonymous Christian Building Association. Eighteen Churches gave enough money to get the center ready for operation. Director Chris Scoggins says, "Many people contributed but God made it all possible. Everyone involved wants Him to get the credit."

The Women's Enrichment Center is actively seeking volunteers. Opportunities include Abstinence Education presenters, counselors, teachers, childcare providers, drama team participants, prayer warriors, clerical assistants, receptionists, and grounds maintenance workers. The Center is also looking for donations of clean baby furniture that is in good condition. Of course, new items are also greatly appreciated.

Classes are scheduled to begin in October. Arts and crafts, childbirth education, sewing, and post abortion support groups are available. Volunteer instructors are needed for teaching basic computer skills, bible studies, family conflict solutions, financial planning, and parenting classes.

The Woman's Enrichment Center's will hold its Annual Banquet in the Fellowship Hall of the First United Methodist Church of Blairsville on November 2, 2006. The Annual Banquet gives an opportunity for fellowship and thanksgiving. Featured Guest Speaker is Bob Foust, Regional Care Director of Care Net South. Tickets can be purchased for $20 at the Woman's Center or at several local churches.

Chris Scoggins gives tour of Women's Enrichment Center

Three Men Tour Women's Enrichment Center in Blairsville, Georgia

There was an unusual sight at the Women's Enrichment Center recently in Union County. On a warm, sunny day, three gentlemen arrived for a tour of the Blairsville facility. Tom Blackwell, Ivan Sumey, and Bob Shepherd, members of Grace Community Presbyterian Church met with Executive Director of the Center, Chris Scoggins.

Scoggins explained that the Women's Enrichment Center does pregnancy testing, ultra-sounds, and volunteer counseling. The center offers child birth classes, parenting classes, sewing classes, art classes, and life-skills classes. The staff provides post-abortion support, abstinence education, character education, and Pro-Life presentations. Baby food, formula, maternity clothes, and baby items of all kinds are available.

Scoggins told about how God called him to become a pastor, then led him to help women in crisis situations. Scoggins says, "We are a local, nonprofit, nondenominational organization made up of many Christian churches and Christ centered individuals seeking to provide alternatives to abortion." He went on to talk about the history, current programs, and goals of the Women's Center.

In the late 80's, two ladies, Pam Kelley and Rita Faye Kelly, from House of Prayer Church in Blairsville, Georgia, realized that there was a need to reach out to women in desperate situations. A committee was put together and by January of 1992 the dream became a reality. With one room, one desk, and a pile of baby clothes, the center began its ministry. Later on, as the center grew, Max Cochran let the center use his building on Kimsey Street."What a blessing. There was room for all kinds of new programs!"

Scoggins goes on to say, "We will never step back on our stance that life is precious from conception. Basically we believe that Jesus is the way to be justified before God. We share the gospel as part of our ministry and we try very hard not to let denominational distinctives get in the way. We are trying to save lives. We communicate life!"

The Women's Enrichment Center pioneered the abstinence program, "You're Unique", in local area schools. Trained professionals present the "You're Unique" program to 7th and 8th graders in Towns, Union, Fannin, Gilmer, and Cherokee counties. The message is that the only safe-sex is "sex within the bounds of marriage." (In follow-up studies, 60% of students decided to abstain from sex until marriage and the teen pregnancy rate in participating counties is very low compared to other places.) Scoggins says, "This is not sex education. It is character education.We talk about how maturity and true love is different from lust."

Scoggins and the staff at the Women's Enrichment Center are proud of their ultra-sound program. With the help of Sonography Supervisor, Charles Cattanach, the center does over 700 scans a year. Scoggins explains, "We are not a medical organization. We do scans for viability and gestation age of the babies."

The Women's Enrichment Center is an affiliate of Net Crisis hot-line and is on the national hot-line call list. Volunteers answer calls and try to meet needs. The Center serves lots of young couples. Over the years, many Christian couples have come in for help. They may need a baby bed. They may just need someone to talk to. The staff is always ready to listen.

The three men from Grace Presbyterian Church in Union County learned a lot about women's issues on this tour. They saw a friendly staff, comfortable setting, and good things being accomplished.