William Jones in Blairsville, Georgia

October 2, 2010 - William Jones and his giant cushaw pumpkins in Blairsville, Georgia

William Jones grew several giant Cushaw pumpkins in 2010. He says, “I didn’t use any fertilizer. They just kept growing and growing until I had to harvest them because of the deer. The deer were stomping them into the ground.”

Cushaws are a member of the pumpkin family and come in green and gold varieties. They look like a bowling pin with a long neck. Some Cushaws are straight and some are crooked. They have a light golden flesh, are good keepers, and make a delicious pie. (Cushaws are pumpkins, and Crenshaws are melons like cantaloupe.)

Pumpkins, gourds, and squash are all in the same family. Summer squash is most often eaten fresh, but winter squash (and Cushaw pumpkins) may be stored several months. All squash, pumpkins, and gourds originated in the Americas and are members of the genus Cucurbitaceae, but further division is very confusing. Types of squash with the same common name can be one of several species of Cucurbita.

William lives in the Gumlog area of Union County and is employed at Allison’s Produce in Towns County. Dennis and Diana Allison have two locations including one at the bottom of Young Harris Mountain and one in downtown Hiawassee next to the Dollar General.

William says, “I have been growing and selling produce all my life. We sell fresh produce to many restaurants in the area and we appreciate all our customers. Visit us for the best produce in Towns County!” Allison’s Produce currently has a good selection of beautiful fresh produce including apples, sweet potatoes, peppers, pumpkins, and peaches.

William Jones also grows other vegetables besides pumpkins in Blairsville, Georgia. He says it was a good year for corn, beans, and especially peppers. William grows over 12 varieties of peppers and has 197 pepper plants this year. He says, “I have sweet bells, Mexican bells, cherry bombs, salsa chilies, Hungarian wax, jalapenos, and more. I supply peppers to many of the local Mexican restaurants and JB Roosters in Blairsville (for their famous hot wings). If anyone needs peppers, give me a call."