Franklin Owenby with 96 pound watermelon

September 8, 2009 - Supersized watermelon in Blairsville, Georgia

Franklin Owenby recently harvested a supersized 96 pound watermelon in Union County. The second one came in at only 69 pounds. By the looks of things, these homegrown melons will feed a whole lot of hungry people!

Mr. Owenby grew the melons at his home off of Jewel Mason Road in Blairsville, Georgia. He says, "It is a Carolina Cross. I ordered the seed from a catalogue. The first watermelons that I grew were some volunteers that came up a few years ago. Those watermelon plants produced 17 melons weighing over 500 pounds total. The largest weighed fifty two pounds on the bathroom scales. I figured they must like the soil here so I kept on growing them for the grandchildren. They love watermelons. Sometimes the squirrels dig up the seed and I have to replant but it's worth it."

He continues, "This year we weighed the watermelons at the Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center. They were way too big to carry in the house!" Frank will be sharing the watermelons with family and friends at the upcoming Sparks and Warren family reunion. Frank adds, "I don't think the grandchildren could eat this much melon by themselves."