Village Boutique

Village Boutique celebrates new location in Blairsville, Georgia

Village Boutique celebrated the move to a new location with a Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting on September 7, 2007. Owner Gloria Micheals welcomed everyone to the new store. Chamber ambassadors, business representatives, and friends enjoyed the event and many took the opportunity to get in a little shopping.

Michaels is glad to have more space. She says, "When I first saw this place it seemed huge compared to my former location." Village Boutique now has room for all the seasons and carries quality apparel, jewelry, and accessories for fall, winter, spring, and summer. Micheals adds, "If you are going on vacation in the middle of winter and need shorts or a summer top you can get it here."

The Blairsville, Georgia boutique is full of good buys and there's something for everyone. Women love to shop at the Village Boutique and many are loyal customers that quickly become friends. Men shop at Village Boutique, too. It's the perfect place to buy a present for the wife or girlfriend. Gloria even provides gift wrapping services for her male customers.

Village Boutique offers many services that you just don't find at larger establishments. Lay-a-way, gift certificates, and good advice are available just by asking.

Gloria Micheals at Village Boutique
Gloria Micheals at Village Boutique in Blairsville, Georgia