Vester Dills in Union County, Georgia

March 21, 2007 - Union County Seal designed by Vester Dills

When Vester Dills started working at the Union County Courthouse Appraiser's Office in 1985 there wasn't a computer in sight. "Everything was done by hand when I started out as mapper," says Dills. "Every time a subdivision came in we had to draw it in by hand. The mapping department had one drawing table and one copier. When a property changed hands, we removed the ink with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip."

Besides his regular duties as mapper, Dills found time to draw the large county map that stills hangs in the Appraiser's Office today. He also designed the official county seal that is used on county vehicles, stationary, door mats, and business cards.

Dills explains, "People were calling in about strange vehicles. I made the seal to use on Union County trucks so people would know that they were from the county."

Dills laughs, "Glen Gooch was County Commissioners during that time and he must have liked my seal because he started putting it on everything. Now it's even on the new courthouse door-mats."

Dills was responsible for more than the blue line maps once he began the job as Chief Appraiser in 1987. "Jack Hicks left and I took his place," says Dills who served as Union County 's Chief Appraiser for ten years.

Dills says, "When Susie Phillips started as Clerk in 1982 she used a pencil and index cards for record keeping. When a property changed hands she erased the old information and replaced it with the new."

Current Chief Appraiser Susie Phillips still has those old index cards. She says, "The first computer system was down in Milledgeville. We had to take everything down there. Now everything is done here on a computer." The Appraiser's Office used the original blue line maps until around 2000. Now the office is completely computerized and Shawn Seabolt does mapping with CAD software.

Vester Dills attended Union County High school and served in the US Navy where he received training in engineering and design. After retiring from the County Appraiser 's Office in 1997, he began a second career in real estate and private appraisals.