Donna Grimsley with Verve energy drink

October 30, 2009 - Donna and Chet Grimsley bring Vemma to Blairsville, Georgia

Donna and Chet Grimsley have joined with Vemma to bring a delicious energy drink to Blairsville, Georgia and Union County. Donna says, "If you crave a healthy energy alternative that refuels and revives your body without a jittery feeling or energy crash, then you're going to love Verve!"

Donna continues, "Verve contains mangosteen. This fruit contains more than forty powerful antioxidants that bring healthy benefits to the whole body." Mangosteen combats free radicals, boosts energy, reduces inflammation, supports weight loss, and tastes great.

Verve has a delicious tropical fruit flavor with a touch of carbonated bubbles. Try Vemma Nutrition today. See how delicious it tastes and what a difference in makes in the way you and your family feel. Verve contains 12 full-spectrum vitamins to maximize its nutritional power. The body is given more antioxidant protection and more nutritional support than with any other competing product.

If in the unlikely chance you don't notice a difference in the way you look and feel, then return your product for a complete 100% refund, even if the bottles are completely empty.