Union County Middle School Local Area Studies Club

September 9, 2010 - Club visits Mountain Market and Heritage Festival in Blairsville, Georgia

The Union County Middle School Local Area Studies Club recently visited the Butt Mock House and Payne Cabin in Blairsville, Georgia. The seventh and eighth graders learned about the Appalachian way of life before the days of TV, internet, and video games.

Back in the old days, kids did chores, worked in the fields, and if they were lucky, went to school! If they had any spare time, they played marbles, went swimming, or read the Bible.

The Local Area Studies Club was formed this year and currently has seven members. The visit to the Mountain Market and Heritage Festival was their first field trip. Club advisors, Ray Covington and Denise Driskell are excited about the new Union County Middle School organization.

The object of the Local Area Studies Club is to get kids engaged in school and to spark an interest in meaningful activities. Partnered with the Union County Historical Society, the club is off to a great start!


Supporting US troops

December 18, 2007 - UCMS supports U.S. troops

Union County Middle School recently collected items for the U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and other far away places. Notices were sent out asking for names and addresses of relatives and local men and women serving in the armed forces. Large boxes were placed in strategic locations throughout the school building and students and teachers brought in things to donate.

Cindy Wood and Marla McKinniss helped organize the collection campaign after the success of a recent food drive. Cindy says, "After the huge response we got for the food bank, we decided to take advantage of people's generosity. Students and parents came through to fill these boxes, too."

Necessities including gloves, scarves, soap, toothpaste, sewing kits, razors, foot powder, vitamins, and batteries were collected along with non-perishable food items like chewing gum, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, hard candy, nuts, granola bars, and hot chocolate. Leisure time items were also accepted and included stationery, disposable cameras, phone cards, playing cards, music CDs, magazines, board games, and ink pens.

These boxes of gifts and goodies mean a lot to our men and women in the military. Wood says, "It's like getting a little piece of home. The boxes will be taken to Warner Robbins and shipped out to Iraq from there."

McKinniss adds, "Instead of paying for postage on all the boxes, we sent out some emails and made some phone calls. That's how we learned that the guys at Warner Robbins could get the stuff to Iraq ." Some boxes are also being mailed separately to other locations. Although many of the boxes might not arrive before Christmas, they will be greatly appreciated. It makes our soldiers feel really good to know that they are remembered.

Snowball Dance

December 18, 2007 - Snowball Dance is fun for all at Union County Middle School

The recent Snowball Dance at the Union County Middle School was a fun event for students, teachers, and visitors. Featuring loud music, snacks, and door prizes, the Snowball Dance was a special treat for many of Union County 's middle school students.

Following the example of characters in the movie "Polar Express," some of the young people wore pajamas to the dance. Others wore regular attire including jeans and t-shirts. There were no dresses in sight.

What kind of dancing is popular with the middle school crowd? The main moves consist of spinning, jumping, skipping, and running. Pre-teens nowadays, just like always, are apparently not too keen on the "boy approaching girl to ask for a dance" kind of thing.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students with enough "panther bucks" were able to purchase tickets for the dance. Panther bucks are part of a new positive reinforcement program at UCMS that rewards respect, responsibility, and good relationships (more information about the program will be available in the near future).

The Snowball Dance was organized by the PBS (Positive Behavior Support Committee) and door prizes were gathered up and supplied by the Parent Partnership Team. Thanks to everyone that helped make the Snowball Dance such an entertaining and special event.

Journalism Students

November 30, 2005 - Union County Middle School News and Updates

The Union County Middle School is the scene of many exciting projects. From fund raisers to art work, the school year is getting off to a great start.

The recent fund raisers for victims of hurricane Katrina included a silent auction, a hat day, and a bake sale.The teacher's silent auction, with donated arts and crafts, contributed over $1066. The students paid $1.00 each to wear a hat and donated their soft-drink money. They also purchased baked goods in a week long bake sale. The total amount raised was $2384.

Local veterans are being honored with a Wall of Honor. Students in Mr. Hughes' class are taking over a wall in the lower hallway with a mural. Stars represent local veterans and relatives serving in the U.S. military. The students have commissioned their art teacher, Mr. Craig, to paint a scene of the flag raising on the island of Iwo Jima during World War II. The project is well done and extremely patriotic.

Art ProjectAnother interesting project is the publication of the Mighty Panther. Mr. Bob Williams' 8th grade journalism class have the newspaper ready for distribution. It is eight pages with professional looking graphics and well written articles. Casey Orlando makes the front page with her story about the importance of saying the Pledge of Allegiance. There are sections titled New Faces, Features, Opinions, Sports, and Holiday History. The staff of the Mighty Panther would like to thank Mr. Ken West for donating his time and materials to publish their newspaper.

Mr. Craig's 7th and 8th grade art students were busy during September. They created and assembled a unique tile drawing. 95 students participated in this group effort. They voted on a picture, scanned it into a computer, laid a digital grid over it, and enlarged each section. Each student took one block of the grid and did a 8X8 pencil drawing for their part in the project.

Congratulation art students! The completed project looks like a museum piece.

Union County Middle School's football team has won four games without a loss so far this year! They are doing extremely well and expect to win a place in the playoffs.

The games wouldn't be the same without the cheerleaders. This is the first year that the Middle School has "competition" cheerleaders. No longer just for recreation, now the girls are athletes. "Go Panthers!"

Union County has a fantastic Middle School. The teachers, staff, and Principle Roxbury, work together to give the students a fine education. They are learning the basics such as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. They are also able to take advantage of sports, art, music, technology, and character education classes. As a community, we are proud of what these young people accomplish.

Middle School Recognition Ceremony

Union County Middle School Recognition Ceremony

Principle Roxbury opened the Recognition Ceremony on September 16, 2005, at the UCHS stadium by welcoming the guests and having everyone sing the Star Spangled Banner. What started as a sunny morning changed as gray fog filled the sky. The cloudy weather was appropriate for this serious occasion.

Union County Middle School combined "National Constitution Day", "Patriot's Day", and "National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina" into one ceremony. Most students and faculty dressed in red, white, and blue for the occasion. The Middle School Band played and the Chorus sang. Ms. Cattanach's 7th grade class recited the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution . As the chorus softly hummed "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", a brave young man, Robbie Loyd, recited the Gettysburg Address. He did a fine job and it was a touching moment.

The whole ceremony was extremely patriotic. Mr. David Murphy, 7th grade math teacher, gave a short speech about the events on 9/11 and led the students in their presentations. Everyone observed a moment of silent reflection in memory of the citizens that died on 9/11 and the ones that perished in the storm of 2005, Hurricane Katrina.

Taps was played by the talented band director and the notes brought tears to many people's eyes. The ceremony ended quietly when the students filed out of the stadium in a single line. These middle school kids showed maturity well beyond their tender years. Later, one patriotic young gentleman, Nathaniel Payne, said, "My classmates did a good job. The chorus practiced all week getting ready for today. Somebody gave out American flags for us to wave and we got to keep them. God bless America!"

Union County Middle School Bake Sale for Red Cross and Katrina evacuees

Union County Middle School Collects for Red Cross

Union County Middle School students are donating their snack money to help Katrina evacuees. Collecting money for the Red Cross is a school wide project. The teachers are donating arts and crafts for a silent auction with items such as wooden bowls and art work. The auction items will be on display in the office.

One group, from Ms. Stuart's class, is baking homemade goodies to sell after lunch. Cici, Kelci, Melissa, Holli, Anne, and William collected over a hundred dollars the first day! "Middle school students are eager to help," says Principle Karen Roxbury. "Kids their age are special. They feel deeply about people in need."

"We have a great group of parents." Says Roxbury. "We have some very talented teachers, too. Everyone is welcome to come in and look at the crafts and to bid in the auction. We are also accepting checks and donations."

There are 589 students enrolled in Middle School, attending grades 6- 8. "The girls and boys do their own baking." Says Lycia Jones, one of the parents helping out with the bake sale. "What the students are doing makes you feel good."