Young Author's Festival at Union County Elementary School

Union County Elementary School in Blairsville, Georgia hosts Young Author's Festival

Union County Elementary School recently hosted the 2nd Annual Young Author's Festival in Blairsville, Georgia. Many people attended the event. Displays, award ceremonies, and performances kept everyone entertained and busy.

Students read their work out loud while proud parents, teachers, and guests listened. Misty Morin read her story, "The Avi." Having her voice amplified by a mike and broadcast into the crowd didn't bother her a bit. Misty says, "It was easy."

Most students had something to contribute to the festival. Writing, singing, or just showing people around, the kids were the stars.

Theresa Thomason, Festival Director and 3rd grade teacher, said, "Today we honor all the children of Union County and their writing." She added, "This year's festival is dedicated to Stephanie Lynn Sharrock. She left us exactly one year ago today, and we miss her dearly."

Media Specialist and Librarian Cindy Perry said, "The Publishing Center has been a great opportunity for all our children to become young authors. They submit stuff throughout the year to be considered for publication."

Kelly Mull writes, "I am thankful for my loving parents because they love me no matter what I do. I am thankful for my friends because when I'm lonely they're always there. I am thankful for my home because it gives me shelter. I am thankful for God for letting me live."

Cameron Collins writes, "Hi, my name is Jordan . I am a red leaf and I live in an oak tree. I took a zigzag trip downward. Some people put me in a bag, and kids started to jump on me. Then they took me to the dump!"

Poetry, stories, and essays were published for the Young Authors Festival. Some were sad and some were funny, but they were all unique. Congratulations to Union County 's young authors. They deserve this day of recognition and celebration.