Sunrise Grocery in Blairsville, Georgia

September 25, 2010 - Sunrise Grocery in Blairsville, Georgia goes nuts for a cure

Sunrise Grocery and River Cabins recently held a fundraiser in Union County for the American Cancer Society. Owner Jason Clemmons says, “Half of all boiled peanut sales will go to the American Cancer Society. We were looking for a way to give and figured this was a great cause.”

Sunrise Grocery ran a contest on Facebook to see who could come up with the best slogan for the fundraiser. “Buying our boiled p-nuts is a shell of a way to help fight cancer!” was the winning entry. “Go nuts for a cure!” was a close second.

The winning slogan has been printed on t-shirts and a portion of the proceeds from t-shirt sales will also go to the American Cancer Society.

Sunrise Grocery has a little bit of everything including local products such as freshly ground grain and mixes from Logan’s Turnpike Mills, Berry’s Honey,
Hughes Sorghum Syrup, Country Smokehouse Beef Jerky, Mark Wingertsahn’s pottery, and Nanny’s knitted items (scarves, sweaters, and more).Sunrise Grocery has been serving Union County since the 1920’s. Jason says, “Our claim to fame is a write up in Southern Living Magazine that mentioned our peanuts.”

Sunrise Grocery also carries roasted peanuts, fresh produce, 15 varieties of apples, lots of pumpkins, bittersweet decorative berries, fishing tackle, live bait, camping supplies, souvenirs, Bert’s Bees products, Watkins products (including vanilla), old fashioned stick candy, snacks, bottled water, soft drinks, and ethanol free gasoline.

Jason would like to thank everyone for coming out to support the fundraiser and the American Cancer Society. Also thanks go to Brodi for doing the t-shirts. Sunrise Grocery and River Cabins is located at 5817 Gainesville Highway in Blairsville, Georgia, 3 miles north of Vogel State Park in Union County. For more information, visit .