Stealing Autumn from Blairsville, Georgia

Stealing Autumn from Blairsville, Georgia to play in Dahlonega

Stealing Autumn (formerly known as Wake of Autumn) is going to be headlining at the Legends of Summer 2009 concert on July 31 at Prospectors Hall in Dahlonega, Georgia. The annual concert supports a charitable cause and proceeds this year are going to help fund a Christian film project. Part of the revenue from ticket sales will also go to Stealing Autumn and will help the young Blairsville based band make some much needed upgrades to their equipment.

"It's a privilege to be playing legends of summer," said CJ Townsend vocalist and guitarist for the band. "I speak for all of the guys in the band when I say we are stoked to be onboard."

Stealing Autumn, made up of three Union County High School students, formed in early 2008. They are currently on summer tour and this is the biggest show so far.

"It's pretty exciting to be playing a concert of this size," says Cody King, who also sings and plays guitar. "It means a lot that we were asked to play for this one."

The drummer for the band, Cody "Moose" Matheson, was equally enthusiastic saying, "I've been playing a short while and already I'm doing gigs like this. It's very exciting. "

The band has been working very hard this summer to produce new songs and put together their tour. They are fast becoming recognized as rising musical stars in the North Georgia area. "We always look for the very best bands and we are honored to have Stealing Autumn playing for us this year," said Danielle Edwards, marketing director for the show. "The show supports a worthy cause but also helps up and coming bands. We hope that friends, family, fans and members of the community take advantage of this fun opportunity."

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