Sleepy Hollow Enterprises

Fantasy Creations by Arthur Millican, Jr. at Sleepy Hollow Enterprises in Blairsville, Georgia

Sleepy Hollow Enterprises is like a little bit of Disney World right here in Blairsville, Georgia. Fantasy creations, magical tree houses, and life-like story-book characters peek out from the woods. It gets even better when you enter the Union County store.

Sleepy Hollow Enterprises, located at 4339 Young Harris Highway, offers artistic creations by owner, Arthur Millican, Jr. The retail store also carries a large selection of artist materials, craft supplies, unique gifts, and interesting toys.

Millican is well qualified for building these whimsical bird-houses, animated sculptures, and colorful tool sheds. He worked as a Disney artist for 15 years where he built 3-D characters and working sculptures for the park. Millican also created most of the themes for Michael Jackson's Neverland.

Arthur Millican says, "At Disney, I started at the bottom but later on worked in the model shop and helped with Epoct Center ." Millican can usually be found in his own personal work shop located on site at Sleepy Hollow Enterprises. He uses wood-working tools and paint brushes to create dreamlike fantasies for the real world. Just like old Geppetto (in Disney's Pinocchio), Millican's dedication to his craft is evident in everything he creates.

Millican's wooden houses make great homes for family pets and can double as landscape centerpieces. His fanciful tool-sheds are guaranteed to bring delight to all children and the young at heart, too. (The playful tree houses are built on stilts so they can be placed anywhere - no tree required.)

Millican has different projects that he is working on including wooden out-houses and small animated leprechauns. Animated wooden sculpture classes will soon be available to the public and promise to be a satisfying experience. Welcome to Blairsvile, Georgia!