Fun with skateboards at Meeks Park

Fun with skateboards at Meeks Park in Blairsville, Georgia

Meeks Park in Blairsville, Georgia is a fun place especially for kids with a skateboard. During the Christmas holidays Christian Campbell, Matt Puett, Chase Kelley, Austin Abbott, and Alex Abbott visit almost every day.

Austin and Alex's grandparents, Cathy and Al Johnson, enjoy watching the sport. "This is a great place to bring the boys. Union County is lucky to have a park like this. We come a lot, sometimes every day during the summer and the older boys are always helpful, we haven't ever come across a bully. The teenage boys give our young grandsons tips and advice. These are all good kids out to have some good, clean fun."

The five energetic boys did voice a request, "Do you think we could have some kind of fundraiser to buy more ramps and rails? Oh, and a quarter or half-pipe would be great."

Hopefully more funds will be available in the future to expand the skateboard park. For now, these boys are putting the county facilities to good use.

Update! More ramps and rails are now at the skateboard part. Union County Commissioner Lamar Paris listens!