Shutts and Bowen Cycle Team in Blairsville, Georgia

September 25, 2010 - Shutts and Bowen Team out of Miami, Florida in Union County

More and more bicycles are being spotted in Union County and this past Saturday was no exception. The Shutts and Bowen Team out of Miami Florida were in Blairsville, Georgia all weekend riding on Highway 129, Highway 180, and other side roads.

The seven member team says Blairsville, Georgia is a great place to ride. With excellent scenery, curvy mountain roads, relatively light traffic, and lots of steep hills, Union County provides an excellent workout. They also say we have great accommodations and friendly people.

People traveling by bicycle have a legal right to use the roads. Motorists are advised to watch out for bicycle riders and give them plenty of room when passing. Do not get so close you risk running them out of the road. Do not honk or yell at cyclists. According to, motorists can help prevent crashes with cyclists by taking care to follow the rules on yielding and turning. Make sure to yield to cyclists when turning left or entering the road from a side street, driveway, or parking lane. Merge completely to the far right edge of the road in advance of making a right turn. Wait for any bicyclist ahead to clear the intersection before you make a right turn. Do not turn across the path of the cyclist.

By following these simple rules of the road, everyone can use our highways and byways in a safe manner.


Shutts and Bowens in the North Georgia News

Shutts and Bowen in the North Georgia News