Shine-On Waterless Car Wash & Polish

April 25, 2008 - Shine-On Waterless Car Wash in Blairsville, Georgia

"We are still in a drought in Blairsvile, Georgia. Even though the water is up in our lake, looks can be deceiving." says Union County business owner Cori Follick.

Coming from Southern California "land of the drought" over one year ago, Cori is concerned about more than just our physical health. She says, "In Southern California we have been dealing with the water shortage and pollution of our environment for a long time."

This is where Shine-On comes in. These incredible non-toxic products allow you to wash, polish, and guard your cars, boats, RV's and motorcycles without using one drop of precious water, and cause zero pollution of the earth with chemicals that would otherwise be washed into the ground. The UV protection on your vehicle lasts one year after one treatment! Cori also has "home" products.

Yes, the first treatment takes a bit of elbow grease, but every treatment after that is easy, fun, and takes very little time! If we all spend some time and effort here and now, in this beautiful state of Georgia, we can preserve and guarantee a brighter more efficient future for generations to come. Cori also offers water and air purifiers for inside your home. Clean air for allergy sufferers! Less plastic tilled into our earth! Welcome to Blairsville, Georgia.