Second Wind Dreams Gala

Second Wind Dreams Gala Celebrates Achievements in Union County

The Second Wind Dreams Gala was recently held at North Georgia Technical College in Blairsville, Georgia. The Gala was held in honor of everyone that helped make dreams come true for 100 residents of elder care communities in Union County. The event was hosted by The Second Wind Dreams Board of Directors and Union County Nursing Home.

Emotional testimonies were given during the evening. Doug Davenport expressed his appreciation for the support and kindness of the community. Suzanne Repp thanked many people, including Becky Dyer from Union General Hospital, for their participation. Rita Gunter and two members of the UCB Junior Board told about their experiences and the joy they received from helping make dreams come true.

Jan Nelson presented Jo George with a special award of excellence. She also told how people over 100 are our fastest growing segment of the population. Children today can expect to have an average life span of 112 years!

The evening would not have been complete without someone having a dream come true. Mrs. Betty Hubbard, a resident of Union County Nursing Home, received a plaque, a purple outfit, new items for her room, and a trip to the Cyclorama in Atlanta.

P. K. Deville is founder of Second Wind Dreams. The program's long range goal is to change the perception of aging, one dream at a time. Second Wind Dreams attempts to fulfill the dreams of those living in elder care communities, thereby enhancing their quality of life. With help from volunteers and caring individuals many dreams do come true.

Second Wind dreams is currently making at least three dreams come true every day for elders somewhere in the US, Canada, or India. There are many ways to become involved such as adopting a local care facility, becoming a corporate sponsor, volunteering your time and expertise, providing in-kind donations, adopting a dream, donating money, and donating your frequent flyer miles. Second Wind Dreams is a non-profit organization with headquarters located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Thanks to everyone that made the Gala possible including the Second Wind Board of Directors, the Union County Nursing Home, North Georgia Technical College, Blairsville Campus Director - Larry Culpepper, Professional Chef Instructor - Alan Tholen, the students of the Culinary Arts Program, Rita Kyttle, and the owner of Beautiful Things - Connie Bristol. Special thanks to the four Union County Banks for underwriting the event.