Seasons Inn is Chamber's first Business of the Month

Seasons Inn of Blairsville, Georiga is first Business of the Month

The Seasons Inn, located in Downtown Blairsville at 16 Town Square, was recently chosen as the first official Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce - Business of the Month. Owners Chris and Colleen Urbaniuk welcomed guests and Chamber Ambassadors to the presentation held in the lobby of Seasons Inn.

Joe Belanger said a few words about why Seasons Inn was chosen for the honor. He also unveiled the attractive new sign that will be displayed at Seasons Inn during July 2007. The sign designates the business as Business of the Month and will be moved to a new location in Union County each month.

Seasons Inn was chosen as the first Business of the Month due to the many recommendations and multiple nominations that were received. Seasons Inn is a member of the local Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce and the owners contribute much to the local community.

The Urbaniuk's are actively involved in Chamber of Commerce activities, the Downtown Development Authority of Blairsville Promotion Committee, and the Union County Historical Society. Chris and Colleen participated in the Great American Clean-up, SEBA Bluegrass Festival, and other downtown events. The Urbaniuks were also instrumental in the success of the Hometown Halloween on the Square in 2006.

Chris and Colleen have a reputation for their hard work, honesty, and as good parents. The Urbaniuk's are often seen painting, gardening, and helping in other ways to renovate the downtown area with their two well-behaved boys (Adam and Tommy) in tow.

The Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee (also called the BOMB aka Business of the Month Committee) reviewed nominations and awarded Seasons Inn as the Business of the Month for July 2007. The Committee members include Joe Belanger, Mia Crowe, Andrew Akins, Anna Gladdin, Fran Reilly, Renai Brock, Betty Turner, Dana Ensley, and Dottie Byrd