Scott Anna at the Book Nook

February 2, 2008 - Scott Anna holds book signing at Book Nook in Blairsville, Georgia

Paw Paths on a Mountain 2 (Maggie's Journey) is a delightful tale. Once you start reading, you can't stop until the last sentence. Scott Anna's black bears are real creatures that roam the woods of the Chattahoochee National Forest . They share the trails with their human friend, Scott Anna, or as Maggie the Bear would say, "The one who walks upright."

Scott Anna's Paw Path on a Mountain (Maggie's Journey) continues the story that started in "Paw Paths on a Mountain (From the Eyes of a Black Bear). Maggie's journey takes her from a mountain habitat to the confines of a zoo and back again. It's a trip that carries the reader from the comfort of their living room, to the safe interior of a hollowed out log, to the dangers of a hunter's rifle.

The book follows Maggie's quest to return home. Many other characters bring the book to life such as Katt, Gorda, Tree Climber, Head Banger, and Putha. Scott Anna explains, "Choosing which of the characters from the first book to continue the journey became easy after Maggie first appeared at my home.the new story began as I watched and photographed this amazing creature."

Scott Anna adds, "American black bears have always been a part of my life, having been chased by one when I was twelve. Now actually living (in a cabin) on a bear trail helps me create the stories."

Scott Anna is a writer and artist. His articles appear regularly in the North Georgia News and the Towns County Herald. Scott Anna's books are available at the Book Nook in Blairsville, Georgia, where book signings continue to grow in popularity. Not only do they show support for authors and increase sales, book signings also offer the public a chance to get the author's signature, offer the opportunity for the writer to interact with fans, and provide a good venue for photos and interviews.

Artist Scott Anna

Blairsville, Georgia artist Scott Anna

Artist Scott Anna is a man of many talents. He writes, paints, shoots wildlife videos, and is an accomplished photographer. Scott Anna has had poetry published in an anthology book, he has wrote lyrics for a demo song recorded by pop singer Toni Braxton, and he has been invited to submit his bear photos to National Geographic Magazine. Anna has also had many articles published in North Georgia News.

Scott Anna is currently working on two separate series of paintings. One series is of local area wildlife and includes bears, squirrels, deer, and other animals. The other series, called "Moo Casa", has a folk art feel with paintings of cows, roosters, and farm scenes.

Scott Anna is serious about his work. He says, "I always dreamed of living in a cabin in the woods and being able to express my creativity and use my talents. When I moved to this cabin in May of 2005, my dreams began to come true."

Scott Anna has special respect and appreciation for the American Black Bear. His interest in black bears started when he was a small boy. His family would watch the bears and he was once chased into the house by a bear. Now he lives next door to a bear trail. It's no wonder that bears occupy a special place in Anna's heart. They are beautiful creatures.

Scott Anna will have a booth to showcase his acrylic paintings and photography prints at the Blairsville Home Show on April 28, 2006. Scott Anna photographs local wildlife and incorporates the surrounding beauty of the North Georgia Mountains into all of his work.

Scott Anna has worked as an Art Therapist and as an Activity Director for Assisted Living Communities. He is presently a consultant for the Georgia and Tennessee chapters of the Alzheimer's Association.

Scott lives with his roommate, Jim Fitzgerald, a retired psychologist from Atlanta. They share their Blairsville, Gerogai cabin with a two year old Great Dane, Gollum, a cat named Patches, and a dog, Honey.