Sara Dora Fortenberry is 90

March 12, 2010 - Sara Dora Fortenberry of Blairsville, Georgia is 90

Mrs. Sarah Dora Tow Fortenberry turned 90 on March 1, 2010. She was born in Lumpkin County in 1920 and moved to the Coosa area of Union County at age eight.

She says, "When I was young, everyone grew their own food. We canned and dried a lot of it for the winter. We went to town once a week to trade our eggs and chickens for baking soda, coffee, salt, sugar, and flour."

Mrs. Fortenberry married Clint Fortenberry on December 15, 1935. They were married for fifty-five years and had five children. Her daughter and two sons currently live in Union County. Mrs. Fortenberry has eight grandchildren, eleven great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. Mrs. Fortenberry adds, "Clint was a farmer and a carpenter. He was an all around handy man." She laughs, "We lived together for over fifty years without killing each other until he passed away in the 80's."

Mrs. Fortenberry made all of her children's clothes. She explains, "During the depression you couldn't buy ready made clothes. I could get some cloth so I did a lot of sewing. I even made the boys overalls - all the neighbors wanted to know where I bought them. There wasn't much time for flowers or hobbies. I was too busy raising kids and keeping food on the table. It seems we enjoyed what we had more then than we do now-a-days."

When asked if she had any advice on how to live a long and happy life Mrs. Fortenberry answered, "It's in the Bible. It says in Ephesians 6 for children to obey and honor their parents that they may live long on the earth." Mrs. Fortenberry lives an independent life with help from family, friends, and home health care aide Judy Gibson. Happy 90th Birthday to Mrs. Fortenberry.