Jeff and Rex Hall deliver bread to Union County
Jeff and Rex Hall in Blairsville, Georgia

Rex Hall delivers bread to Blairsville, Georgia

If you have ever bought groceries in Blairsville, Georgia, then you have probably seen Rex Hall. He is the friendly man filling shelves in the bread department. From large grocery stores to the smallest mom and pop operation, Hall's delivery route covers all of Union County.

Rex Hall has delivered bread to Blairsville's citizens for over 15 years. Through rain, snow, sleet, or broiling heat, he makes sure the many stores have fresh bread for customers. Five days a week, Hall picks up fresh loaves from a ware house in Blue Ridge and heads to Blairsville, Georgia. He rolls the big trays into the stores and unloads all kinds of bread products.

Hall has recently hired an assistant, his son, Jeff. "Jeff is a great help. He arranges the products in some of the large supermarkets, while I make a couple of short stops." Hall is a familiar face in Union County. "Keeping bread in the stores of Union County is a full time job. It's the only county on my route." Thanks to Rex and Jeff Hall, the ladies of Union County don't have to sweat and toil to have bread on their tables. All they have to do is drive to the nearest store.