Renai Brock retires from Union County Chamber

July 12, 2006 - Renai Brock retires from Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce

The Blairsville Union County Chamber recently held a retirement party for Renai Brock on the Blairsville campus of NGTC. Rusty Royston, Chairman of the Board of Directors presented her with a plaque that included these heart-felt words, "Presented to Renai Brock with our deepest appreciation for your leadership, dedication, and commitment to the Blairsville-Union Chamber of Commerce. Your vision, sense of mission, and passion for the Chamber and our community has set a new standard of community involvement for all of our citizens and our membership."

Many of Renai's family members and friends attended the party. A huge cake, with a representation of Renai's red corvette, was served by Ramona Campbell. The occasion was filled good food, interesting conservation, and best wishes for Renai. Members of the Chamber expressed their appreciation for all that Renai has done for Blairsville, Georgia.

Renai Brock will be remembered as a President that has a unique way of making work fun. Her laughter and smile will be missed in the chamber offices.