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Pet goose is here to stay

Pet goose to stay in Blairsville, Georgia

Don McIntyre has recently acquired a pet goose. According to McIntyre, a flock of Canada Geese stopped to rest at a pond upstream from McIntyre's home in Union County about ten weeks ago. A female laid eggs and hatched out ten babies according to the neighbors. Unfortunately for the baby chicks, a storm brewed up and torrents of rain washed them away. All hope was lost.

The next day, Don found the baby goose. It was a fuzzy ball that fit in the palm of his hand. He fed it chick starter and watched it grow. "I call it Baby since I don't know for sure if it's a male or female. Baby follows me everywhere and even runs behind the mower and tractor. We go on two walks a day and sometimes Baby spreads his wings and flies across the meadow. He is growing at a phenomenal rate."

Don says, "Baby helps in the garden by pulling weeds. Everyone I talk to says Baby is here to stay." McIntyre also feeds Baby a mix of grain with wheat, millet, corn, and barley. The large goose also loves dog food whenever it can sneak a bite.

Already the goose is quite large. It has made friends with nine-year-old Bo, McIntyre's handsome dog. McIntyre says, "Bo protects the goose although he is jealous of it sometimes."

The young Canada goose now lives in a nice Goose Hotel near the banks of Wolf Creek in Union County. Baby has found a nice home with Don McIntyre and Bo and seems to love Blairsville, Georgia.