Artist Stephanie Joyner (with framed copy of her cover art) and Pathways Co- Editor Angela Harkins

March 27, 2008 - UCHS Pathways Literary Magazine published in Blairsville, Georgia

Produced by the Union County High School Writer's Club, the new Pathways literary magazine is hot off the press. Pathways "Dreams" Volume 9 sets a lighter mood than in past years. The newest edition of the magazine contains 45 pages of fantasy, humor, drama, essays, poetry, and interesting artwork.

Co-Editor Angela Harkins writes, "I hope this year's publication ignites your imagination as much as it has ours." Indeed it does. With stories from the future, epic poems, short poems, fanciful tales, and creative pose, readers go from page to page without stopping.

Titles are as varied as the stories, poems, and artwork. In "Kairos" by Stephanie Joyner, the reader is introduced to a slave girl named Aoide that soon discovers it is her lucky day. She has been rewarded for devotion to family and the Gods. The reader finishes the story and wants to know more.

In "Secrets" by Ashley Loyd, little Pandora is punished for an afternoon of curiosity. In "The Ghost that Ate My Sandwich" Amber Mashburn talks with a bored ghost. In "Liar" Beth Adams writes about sibling jealousy and the undisputable love between sisters. Ellie Hopper writes a fascinating tale of secret "Obsession" between a caregiver and her mysterious patient. In "The Story for Tomorrow" Erika Bunpermkoon writes, "As a kid there's a certain charm of tomorrow, Knowing you have all the time in the world, With all your friends and no regrets, Coupled with the innocence, Of denim shorts and tennis shoes and mothers watching every move.".

Pathways' pages are full of heart-felt words with illustrations including portraits, sketches, pen and ink drawings, cartoons, and photographs. There are architectural themes, mystical elements, and artistic doodles.

Faculty Advisor Doris Durbin is proud of her students. She says, "The students took so much responsibility this year. They are a talented group and I did less than ever before." She adds, "It has become a tradition these past 9 years to honor these outstanding young people by having a celebration when the magazine comes out. Blairsville's United Community Bank not only throws us a great party, but through their generous support the publication is possible."

There were no speeches or long award ceremonies at the "Pathways Party". Doris Durbin did recognize Angela Harkins as co-editor, Stephanie Joyner for the cover art and as co-editor, and Jenneffer Fenyes for invitation artwork.

Writer's Club members include Beth Adams, Erika Bunpermkoon, Kaitlyn Griffin, Angela Harkins, Harmon Walker, Ellie Hopper, Andrea Jordan, Stephanie Joyner, Philip Lanier, Ashley Loyd, Amber Mashburn, Heather Williams, Jake Espersen-Smith, Natalie Willard, Will Harris, Jon Cuccia, and Aimee Melton. Other students and faculty work is also published in Pathways including 7 th grade language arts contest winners. After submission and recommendations by the Writer's Club members, final authority for selection and editing rests with the faculty advisor and the school administration. Copyright is held by the original authors of the works.


Pathways Literary Magazine

UCHS Pathways Literary Magazine Celebrates Completion of Volume 7 in Blairsville, Georgia

A party to celebrate the new edition, Volume 7, of Pathways Literary Magazine was recently hosted by United Community Bank There was fun, food, and music as the students collected autographs from their classmates and teachers.

The Pathways Literary Magazine is produced by the Union County High School's Writer's Club with help from Doris Durbin, Club Advisor. The cover art for the new edition is by Krista Doucette. She was honored with a framed copy of Pathways for her drawing titled, "Finding Magic". Krista says her drawing was inspired by her pet iguana.

The event recognized all the young people that contributed to Pathways Literary Magazine. Besides the Writer's Club, many Union County Middle School and High School students submitted work for the publication. The Writer's Club had the hard job of deciding which pieces to include in the new edition.

The magazine is fifty pages of poetry, prose, essays, songs and drawings. The young people write about many subjects including heroes, fantasies, love, war, and the future. The art ranges from simple line drawings to complex portraits. Much of the artwork shows an oriental influence, especially the comic strip, Kumawaka and the Battle Flags, by Walker Harmon.

Music was provided by Will Stafford on saxophone, Jessica Jones on keyboard, and Josh Dills on guitar. Many thanks to United Community Bank. Through their generous support the publication of this literary magazine was possible. All inquires should be directed to Doris Durbin, Union County High School, 604 Panther Circle, Blairsville, Georgia 30512.