Partin Home Inspection

March 7, 2008 - Partin Home Inspection in Blairsville, Georgia

Partin Home Inspection recently joined with Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce staff members to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony. Members of the Union County business community also attended the event where they welcomed owner Bruce Partin and learned about the services his business offers.

Bruce A. Partin is a Housing Inspection Foundation Member (Registered Home Inspector and Certified Home Inspector). A graduate from the Professional Career Institute in the area of Home Inspections in Atlanta, Georgia, he completed studies in the Southern Standard Building Codes.

Qualified to do commercial and home inspections, Partin's business card says a lot, "The Best Protection for your Home Selection." With Partin Home Inspection, homeowners can rest assured that their home has been inspected by a professional who has thirty years experience in construction and inspections.

Customers may choose either a whole house inspection that includes the complete structure, grounds, and mechanical systems or choose a system only inspection. During the inspection, all findings are explained and questions are answered.

Partin explains, "Sellers find that inspections enhance a home's market appeal and limits liability. Providing the buyer with an independent analysis of the home's condition shows that there is nothing to hide. There are many reasons to have a home inspection."

All residential inspections are done by the Standards and Ethics of the (GAHI) Georgia Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. Partin Home Inspection is located in Young Harris, Georgia.