Chef David, Wes Horne, Steve Huntoon, and Beverly Huntoon

December 3, 2010 - There’s no place like Blairsville, Georgia's Owltown Market

Owltown Market, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary in Union County, is hard to classify. They are a restaurant, meat market, art gallery, meeting place (with fireplace included), ice cream parlor, convenience store with ethanol free gasoline at the pumps, and more. There is even live music on most weekends!

Owners Beverly and Steve Huntoon have made the Blairsville place into a unique market that caters to the food connoisseur in each of us. They stock quality items with good prices like bulk Amish foods, sugar free candies, delicious chocolates (including melt-in-your-mouth malted milk balls), hard to find items (like exotic rice), homemade jams, smoked ribs, BBQ pork, deli meats, all natural cheeses, steaks, gator meat, fine cuts of top choice meats, fresh sausages, honey, syrups, tonics, and regular stuff like bread and milk.

Chef David Goergen is famous around these parts for his delicious soups, seafood dishes, creative entrees, sauces, and other delicious fare. Look for home cookin’ specials like loaded potato skins, potato pancakes, fried shrimp, and cheese grits. Chef David cooks up breakfast and lunch at Owltown Market on Mondays through Saturdays and special dinners on Friday afternoons and evenings. He uses the freshest ingredients available and cooks from scratch. Catering is available. Look for a new menu coming soon!

Meat Manager Wesley Horne makes his own sausages including Chorizo, Tuscan, Bratwurst, kielbasa, hot Italian, mild Italian, breakfast, and maple breakfast. Try browning a couple of fresh kielbasas in olive oil and then bake them for twenty minutes - delicious with sauerkraut and fresh vegetables. Wes also makes specially seasoned meatloaf and meatballs that are ready to cook. Pickup a pound or two of meatloaf at Owltown Market, cook with some vegetables, and you have a homemade dinner ready in half the time.

Owltown Market won best overall at the 2010 Taste of Blairsville with their hand dipped, gourmet ice cream (3 flavors are sugar free). They also won awards at NGTC for the best ribs. Owltown Market has a nice selection of local art (great for Christmas presents). There is also a community room available for meetings and other gatherings. Call for reservations.

Beverly and Steve would like to thank old and new customers for their patronage during the past year. Everyone is welcome at Owltown Market in Blairsville, Georgia!

Owltown Market is located at 2193 Gainesville Highway in Blairsville, Georgia.