Norman Cooper

Norman Cooper, Editor of North Georgia News in Blairsville, Georgia

Norman Cooper's career in journalism has spanned three decades. He has won numerous awards for his work as sportswriter, news reporter, columnist, photographer, editor, and humanitarian. Cooper loves to cover sports, a passion that began when he was a scorekeeper in high school. HIs favorite professional team is the Atlanta Braves.

Norman Cooper writes about many topics. His columns range from extremely serious to light and humorous. His work is thought provoking and often controversial.

Norman Cooper is an active member of numerous community and national organizations including the American Red Cross and the Union County Historical Society. He holds leadership positions in many Blairsville organizations, serves on several advisory boards, and boards of directors.

Norman Cooper enjoys camping and hiking and is actively involved in various youth programs. He has a softer side that is revealed in the following poem:

Majestic Moon
By Norman Cooper

Shine bright majestic moon
Share your brilliant light
Shine bright majestic moon
Brighten up the lonely night.

'Tis it seems it is far away
Whether seen at night or day
Travelers in the night do say
The moon above lights the way.

The faithful moon
with dependable phases
Its mystery and lure
endures through the ages.

Stars of the universe
form the backdrop indeed
As in the orchestra of heaven
the moon takes the lead.

© 2005 by Norman Cooper

For deeper insight into one of the most well known citizens of Blairsville, Georgia, read Cooper's book - "Observations." It is available at the North Georgia News.