New You

November 6, 2008 - The New You in Blairsville, Georgia offers Fitness for Women

The New You in Blairsville, Georgia specializes in weight loss. Featuring thirty minute workouts, nutritional guidance, personalized programs, state of the art weight training equipment, one-on-one training, and 24 hour access to the Union County facility, New You helps women look and feel great.

Owner Nanan Wiles says, "New members are weighed and measured when they first sign up. We also do an initial body fat analysis. Thirty days later we weigh, measure, and do another analysis to check progress. We change the workouts every 15 th visit by increasing intensity or duration. A certified personal trainer is always on the floor during normal business hours."

New You staff members are all certified personal trainers. The New You also offers nutritional counseling. Nanan says, "Business is good. Since June 2007 we have signed up 332 new members. Even with the poor economy, people still want to look and feel their best. They are still concerned about their health."

The New You is about more than just lifting weights. While strength training builds muscles, raises the metabolism, and builds strong bones, cardio workouts are added to strengthen the heart and burn calories. Programs are available for women of all ages from 12 to 80. Members start off with three personal training sessions including instruction on the safe use of equipment.

Nanan is offering a special "Weight Loss Challenge" during November and December. She says, "Whoever has the greatest percentage of weight loss will win a $100 cash prize."

Nanan Wiles is a life long runner and has always been interested in health and fitness. Running just wasn't enough and after retirement she set a goal to get in shape. Starting out at The New You in Blue Ridge , Georgia , Nanan lost 28 pounds by combining her regular routine with strength training. She says, "Adding strength training made all the difference. I became committed to staying fit and helping others to reach their goals."

Nanan started working at The New You in Blue Ridge, transferred to the Blairsville, Georgia facility, and purchased it in October 2007. She is retired from the Georgia State Department of Corrections where she spent the last six years managing the Blairsville Probation Office.