Nani's Deli & More
Natasha, Ray, Marife, and Giusseph Arrazcaeta at Nani’s Deli

March 27, 2010 - Nani’s Deli & More for delicious food in Blairsville, Georgia

Nani’s Deli has some of the best food in Blairsville, Georgia! They serve freshly prepared food with a Spanish flair including all types of breakfast biscuits, homemade gravy, Cuban sandwiches, and American fare.

Nani’s Piggy Bowls, Chicky Bowls, and Gooey Cakes are famous around Union County and customers drive from as far away as Ellijay to purchase them. Piggy bowls are filled with yellow rice, beans, roasted pork, and topped with Cuban bread. Chicky Bowls are like the Piggy Bowls but substitute chicken for the pork. Gooey cakes come in various flavors including chocolate, peanut butter, apple, and pumpkin. These pies melt in your mouth so be prepared to purchase extra to take home!

Nani’s breakfast menu includes homemade biscuits with gravy, sausage, egg, steak, bacon, chicken, pork, ham and more. They serve delicious empanadas (meat pies) and taquitos (beef or chicken) for anyone desiring something different for breakfast.

The lunch menu will please every taste and appetite – you won’t leave hungry. Favorites are the grilled Cuban sandwich (ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mayo, and mustard) and the Cuban style pork sandwich with roasted pork that is cooked on site. The menu also includes other sandwiches, burgers, fries, plantains, churros, and guava pastries. Friday and Saturday specials range from Marife’s meatloaf to Ray’s chili to Spanish Bean Soup (garbanzo beans, chicken, sausage, potatoes, onions, and pork). Specials are advertised beforehand in the North Georgia News.

Ray and Marife would like to thank all the regular customers and friends for their support and encouragement over the past two years. They also would like to invite everyone to come in for a visit.

Nani’s Deli is located in Union County at 5224 Murphy Highway on the corner of 129 North and Gumlog Road inside the Chevron Station.