Mountain View RV Resort

March 24, 2010 - Mountain View RV Resort at Wilco Farms in Blairsville, Georgia

Mountain View RV Resort is a little piece of heaven in Blairsville, Georgia. With a beautiful welcome center, deeded RV lots, cabins, rentals, a million dollar clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, fishing ponds, laundry, and bathhouse facilities, Mountain View RV Resort accommodates luxury Class A Motorcoaches and other large RVs.

The stylish “county club” is located on the grounds of the former Wilco Farms at 136 Mountain Creek Road in Blairsville, Georgia. Over a hundred acres of creek side lots, green meadows, and fabulous views of the mountains await visitors and future owners.

President Richard Kloss, Office Manager Pat Kloss, and Assistant Manager Ricky Kloss work hard to make the resort an exciting destination and a great place to call home. The Kloss’s are available year round to greet visitors and welcome new faces to the Union County facility.

Rich and Pat would like to thank the many people who have helped make the resort possible. Rich says, “We couldn’t have done it without Joe Scerbo, VP of Development, Civil Engineer Bob Breedlove, Winkler and Winkler Construction Company, Landscaper George Upchurch, Interior Designer Marcie Culpepper, Allen Patton Construction Company, Attorney Kenya Patton, Attorney Michelle Vaughan, Attorney William Little, and architect Richard Landeau.”

Rentals spaces are available on a temporary basis and start at $40 per night. Pat says, “Come for a visit. You might decide you want to stay and in that case, we have the perfect lot for you!”

Mountain View RV Resort will be a good neighbor to the folks in Union County. They expect to add about $30 million to the tax base and will eventually have close to 300 multi-millionaires living at the resort for several months during the year. Restaurants will really benefit since most RV owners eat out 70% of the time! Everyone is welcome to drop by for a visit.