Roy Underwood

June 18, 2010 - Misty Mountain Aquaculture Products goes wholesale direct to the public

Misty Mountain is now open to the public and a grand opening is scheduled for July 9th and 10th! Water quality products, fish food, fish health products, waterfall filters, skimmers, spitters, pumps, soilless potting media, fancy gold fish, koi fish, rubber liners, lilies, pickle rush, parrot's feather, and more are now available at the brand new showroom. Everyone is invited to the grand opening so mark your calenders!

Owner Roy Underwood says, "We are happy to be serving the public. If you have low quality well water, a swimming pool or pond, come see us!"

He adds, "Business is good right now. If you want to open your own business, this might be the thing for you. Misty Mountain can help you set up to sell our filter, water garden, and fish pond products."

Some of the best selling products include decorative UV Lights, super oxygenated biological filters, Beckett 1600 waterfall pumps, Cal waterfall pumps, pond liners, professional Koi nets, and EPDM repair kits.

Roy and his partner, son Mark Underwood, manufacture many of Misty Mountain products including Sentry Ultraviolet purification systems for air and water. Sentry Ultraviolet filtration units can be specifically designed with any one of three types of filtration devices including green sand, carbon, and mechanical.

The Whole House Filters are safe and affordable. They remove chlorines, chloramines, trihalomethanes, and other dangerous micro-organisms from water. The heavy duty filter cleans 99% of all bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The UV light included with the unit has a polished interior that reflects UV light and provides for maximum sterilization. Water tastes better than ever before! There are also Sentry Aqua Guard Pool Systems, Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Lights, and Sentry Air Guard Air Purification Units.

Misty Mountain also has an in-house team available to build, clean, and maintain ponds. Misty Mountain is located at 4705 Upper Plottown Road in Young Harris. From Highway 76 East, take a right on Plottown Rd. Before crossing the creek, take a left on Upper Plottown . Go one mile or until you see the gate. There are banners and lots of ponds so you can't miss it.