Author Mary Turner signs new book

January 25, 2008 - Mary Turner at the Book Nook in Blairsville, Georgia

Author Mary Turner recently signed copies of her new book, "God Doesn't Need a Passport but the Rest of Us Do," at Blairsville's local book store - the Book Nook. The event was interesting and fun with people buying books, offering congratulations, and admiring hand-crafted souvenirs from foreign lands.

Mary Turner is a personable woman with interesting stories to tell. "God Doesn't Need a Passport" comes from her memoirs and is a series of travel vignettes from her visits to far away places. In Turner's writing, she brings exotic people to life. She manages to be informative, humorous, and inspirational while gently tweaking our imagination to accept the unknown.

From Bharatpur to Hidden Lake , each chapter of "God Doesn't Need a Passport" is a gem. With her unique point of view, Turner entertains readers with everyday occurrences made special. While reading about shopping for purple carpets in New Delhi , or Turner's enchanted trip through Portugal , the reader is given a ticket to participate. Thanks to Mary Turner for writing 126 pages of pure entertainment.

Book Nook owner Jeff Hanson says, "Congratulations, Mary, on getting your book out. It's a big job that doesn't stop with the writing. We are really proud to have your book at the Book Nook."

Mary Turner worked for Eastern Airlines and then the Foreign Service. She now calls Blairsville Georgia "home." After years of international travel with visits to over fifty countries, Mary Turner now plans to see the continental United States. We certainly hope she keeps a journal.

Union County book signings continue to grow in popularity. Not only do they show support for authors and increase sales, book signings also offer the public a chance to get the author's signature, offer the opportunity for the writer to interact with fans, and provide a good venue for photos and interviews.

During the recent book signing, lime sherbet punch and delicious finger foods were served. Everyone enjoyed an informal atmosphere and hearing about Mary's travels.

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