Mark Wingertsahn

Mark Wingertsahn installs new sculpture in the Blairsville Sculpture Garden

Mark Wingertsahn is an award-winning artist who owns and operates a small potter studio located in Blairsville, Georgia.

Mark developed a style and technique that has become trademark whimsical birdhouses. The clay sculpture in the Blairsville Sculpture Garden is six feet tall and reflects Mark's trademark style of interesting shape and texture.

Located on the Square in Blairsville, Georgia across from the Union County Historical Courthouse, the Blairsville Sculpture Garden is open to the public daily. Admission is free. The Blairsville Sculpture Garden is a collaborative effort by the City of Blairsville, Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority of Blairsville, the Linda Gwynn family, participating Georgia Artist and Sculptors, and local businesses.