Manger scene at North Georgia News

Manger Scenes Around Blairsville, Georgia

There are lots of manger scenes in Union County this year. Seems like people are trying to capture the real meaning of Christmas by decorating with manger scenes. One thing is for sure, you can't take Christ out of a manger scene. Santa Clause is fun, trees are pretty, and snowmen are frosty, but a manger scene is the real deal. Whether it is a big manger scene or a small one, they are all charming. Some may cost hundreds of dollars and some may come from the dollar store, but all of the manger scenes around town are heart warming.

Every time I see a manger scene, whether lovingly handcrafted or purchased from the dollar store, I think about baby Jesus and why he was born into this world. As the song goes, " A way in a manger, no crib for a bed, the little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head. The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay, the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay. T he cattle are lowing, the baby awakes, but little Lord Jesus no crying he makes. I love thee, Lord Jesus! Look down from the sky, and stay by my side until morning is nigh." Thanks to all the businesses and families in Union County that display manger scenes. You are helping to keep Christ in Christmas.