Kent Montgomery celebrates birthda

July 21, 2009 - Kent Montgomery of Blairsville, Georgia celebrates birthday

Mr. Kent Montgomery recently celebrated his 76th birthday with favorite foods - pepperoni pizza, diet Pepsi, and birthday cake. Kent was born in North Carolina on July 21, 1933 . He says, "Back then, we were lucky to have milk and cornbread for breakfast. I was a Tar Heel, but now I'm a Georgia Cracker living in Blairsville, Georgia. I am a Republican all the way. I served in the U.S. Navy and then I was a Driver's License Examiner in Ohio . I was baptized at the Fields of the Woods near Murphy."

Kent is a well known resident at Union County Nursing Home. He adds, "This is the best place for senior citizens to live. The nurses give us lots of attention and the cooks serve us three delicious meals a day. Now I have pizza or whatever I want to eat. What more could you ask for?" Kent would like to invite his friends from the community to visit. "Come on by and we will talk politics!"

Congratulations to Kent Montgomery on his 76th birthday. Friends and acquaintances wish him many more happy birthdays!