Steve Keen with Gloria and Carl Reinhardt
Steve Keen with Gloria and Carl Reinhardt

February 23, 2010 - Going Green with Keen Electric and Solar Power in Blairsville, Georgia

Gloria and Carl Reinhardt of Blairsville, Georgia are well pleased with their new solar system recently installed by Steve Keen of Keen Electric and Solar Power. Their 4, 320 watt system supplies most of the power needed to run their Union County home.

With the new system, solar power is converted from DC to AC and any excess is sold back to the BRMEMC. This area gets approximately four to five hours of peak sunlight which is enough to power a house. There are also several good tax incentives and credits available whenever a homeowner purchases a solar system.

Carl Reinhardt says, "Compared to this time last year, out light bill went from $113.00 a month to less than $30.00 a month. We expect even better results this summer." The Reinhardt's decided to look into solar power while watching a TV show about how to save the environment. They are also very interested in things like composting and water conservation.

According to Keen Electric, "Through TVA's Green Power Switch buy back program, they buy 100% of your green energy at 12 cents per kilowatt-hour above the current retail rate! The difference in what you produce and what you use is credited to your electric bill. The larger your system, the more energy you will produce. If you produce enough energy you can completely eliminate your monthly bill and even receive a check."

Solar energy is one of the safest and best investments available today and is the world's fastest growing energy source. Sharp ND 224 systems start at around $16,000 and require 215 square foot of space on the ground or roof.

A typical photovoltaic solar system consists of four major components including solar modules (panels), a racking system, a wiring system, and a solar inverter. With net metering, a second meter is installed with your system to keep track of how much green energy you produce. All of the excess energy is fed back into your local utility's power grid.

Steve Keen and the Reinhardt's are helping to keep Blairsville, Georgia green. Keen Electric and Solar Power has been serving the Union County area for over twenty years.