JoAnne Leone brings Collaborative Marketing to Blairsville

February 2009 - JoAnne Leone brings Collaborative Marketing to Blairsville, Georgia

Local business owners and managers in Blairsville, Georgia are learning to collaborate with one another in new and exciting ways. Benefits include increasing exposure in the marketplace, obtaining new customers, lowering advertising costs, and increasing the bottom line.

JoAnne says, "It's time to take charge. Marketing is a creative process and when you find something that works, do it again." She went on to entertain everyone with examples of ways to partner up with other businesses, funny stories, and her unique style of public speaking.

She asked each participant to come up with a way to collaborate with other businesses in Union County. A landscaper might partner up with a realtor by providing curbside appeal to empty homes. A massage therapist and a bed and breakfast inn could create a special package deal to offer their clients and guests. Ideas were flowing as people caught on to the basic principles.

Collaborative marketing is an easy concept to implement. It takes a little creative thinking, choosing a target market, setting goals, developing a timeline, and finding a way to measure success. Partnerships opportunities are all around if you are on the lookout.

If you haven't attended one of Ms. Leone's seminars, you are missing out. Her programs are not the usual power-point presentations or multi-page handouts (although she does use these tools when appropriate). JoAnne involves her audience and gets them to think outside the box. People leave with good ideas that can help in real life situations.