Jewels by Park Lane in Blairsville, Georgia

November 12, 2010 - Sheliah Crawford brings new business to Blairsville, Georgia

Sheliah Crawford is helping people in Union County to look fabulous! With beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry, her customers can be sure that they look their best.

Jewelry can convey creativity, confidence, glamour, and mood. Are you bold and daring? Feminine, yet trendy? All business or a casual free spirit? Sheliah and Park Lane have something for every taste and budget in Blairsville!

Sheliah says, “Jewels by Park Lane is a good company to work for. It’s a lot of fun, they have high quality products, and they treat people right. Park Lane has a great compensation plan for their consultants and nice benefits for the hostess program.”

Jewels by Park Lane is an in-home party plan where hostesses earn free jewelry. The company was established in 1955 and is family owned and operated. (Jewels by Park Lane has been around for fifty-five years but is new to the North Georgia area so opportunities are wide open.) The company offers a chance to earn a good income, set your own hours, and a way to have fun at the same time. At Park Lane, Directors can choose to work part-time with full-time profits or full-time with big time income. If you are responsible, trustworthy, and want to try direct sales, or if you just want to host a party, give Sheliah a call today. Park Lane can make a difference in your life!

Sheliah and Gary Crawford are well known in the Union County area. They own Video Unlimited and Crawdaddy’s Lawn Care & Landscaping Service. Sheliah is also an experienced interior decorator. Sheliah and Gary have three boys and two granddaughters.

Sheliah adds, “After doing Home Interiors for 28 years, I started Home Decor Direct but people weren’t buying much for their homes. I decided to try selling jewelry and it’s been a perfect fit. Women still want to look good whether the economy is good or bad. I figure if I can decorate a home, I can decorate a person.”

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