Jewelry World's Christmas Give-Away

December 19, 2008 - Jewelry World in Blairsville, Georgia

Ernie and Josie Roberge, owners of Jewelry World in Blairsville, Georgia, recently gave away hundreds of free toys, pizza, soft drinks, and other goodies. No purchase or sign up was necessary to get free food and gifts.

Toys and other new items were stacked in the parking lot and down the sidewalks. With over 500 presents, no one left empty-handed. Owner Ernie Roberge says, "The people of Blairsville kept us going through the year and this is how I give back good cheer." Wife Josie adds, "Ernie loves doing this. He really is a wonderful person."

Children and parents love it, too. After talking with Santa, kids could choose from a large selection of gifts like model cars, dolls, and games. Free raffle tickets were given out for larger items including a four foot tall pony. There were even items for adults such as collectable plates and home accessories.

Ernie and Josie Roberge live in McCayesville, Georgia. They have five teenagers - Steven, Angel, Bo, Beth, and DeAnna. The Roberge family wishes everyone in Union County a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!