Janice Boling completes 50th website
Portfolio online at www.janiceboling.com

January 2, 2009 - Blairsville web designer Janice Boling completes 50th website

Janice Boling recently completed her 50th website. She says, "I consider web design to be an art form. It is a digital medium that uses pixels instead of pigment."

The 50th website was a project for Mayfair Salon. Janice says, "I wanted to do a site that matched the feel of the salon. Since Tony and Katrina offer a holistic approach to beauty, I used sage green with a touch of aqua blue. Earth and water colors give their website a natural look. The website address is www.mayfairsalon.com."

Janice graduated from NGTC Blairsville Campus in 2005 and says, "Enrolling at North Georgia Technical College was the best thing I ever did. I look back on that time in my life as one of the best ever. Not only did I learn a lot, I developed confidence and made life long friends. Web Design Instructor Renee Deibert was such an inspiration. My diploma says I'm an Internet Specialist, but really I'm a web designer."

Janice continues, "I'm not going to give up my day job at North Georgia News. I love writing my weekly columns and meeting new people at the ribbon cuttings and festivals. Sometimes I even come across a human interest story that makes front page. The two careers compliment each other. Working as a writer and photographer I don't end up glued to my computer twelve hours a day. It gets me out of my home office and into Union County."

Janice has designed 50 websites for organizations, businesses, and individuals in the Blairsville area. She says, "When a new site goes live, it's an exciting time for me. It's like unveiling a new canvas. Unlike a painting, good websites are never finished. They have to grow or they become stale. Updates should always be a part of the overall plan. If my clients forget about updates, I try to remind them."