Jacque Devereaux

Jacque Devereaux honored in Blairsville, Georgia

A dedication service in honor of Coach Jacque Devereaux was recently held at Meeks Park in Blairsville, Georgia. With rain in the weather forecast, a dreary day with gray clouds was expected. What a surprise when minutes before the ceremony, the sun came out and began to shine on the participants and guests.

When Boy Scout Troop #101 began to raise the flag, the wind whipped Old Glory just right and it waved for all to see. It was as if the spirit of Jacque Devereaux was with the crowd that stood on the hill beside the softball field.

Many people turned out to honor the man that coached girl's softball in Union County. Family members, friends, and many of the girls that played softball were present. It was an emotional morning for everyone involved.

Jeanne Tallent welcomed everyone and introduced Jacque's brother, Jan, who said a short prayer. Miss Ann Krier, a student at Union County Middle School, sang the national anthem. Rachel Brackett read her poem, "The Coach - In Memory of Jacque Devereaux," which she wrote in 2005. The last verse reads as follows:

Jack not only had the respect of his team,
The parents and other coaches held him in high esteem.
The coach didn't possess much in the way of earthly gold,
But he did have a good name, which is Jack Devereaux.

Two beautiful stones were unveiled during the service. The Jacque Devereaux Memorial near the entrance of Meeks Park adds a touch of beauty to the hillside. The new flag, the benches, and the landscaping make for an excellent place to sit and meditate.

Jacque Devereaux made a lasting impression on everyone he came into contact with. Besides his duties as a coach, he also owned and operated Country Treasures Gift Shop for many years. Jacque Devereaux will be remembered for his community involvement, his admirable personality, and his outstanding ability to communicate kindness and strength. Thanks to everyone that made this dedication and memorial possible.