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Hunter England Cabin

March 28, 2008 - 176 year old Hunter England Cabin gets new home in Blairsville, Georgia

The old Hunter England House (Twiggs Cabin) is being taken apart piece by piece in preparation for a move to a new location in Union County. Clyde Smith of Cartersville, Georgia is in charge of the project. Smith says, "I have taken down and rebuilt many old buildings for people. This house is moving less than five miles away to Charlie Hunter's place. He is putting it right in front of his flag pole."

Many people will be glad to learn that Union County 's oldest house is being preserved. A home for many families throughout the years, the place was livable until the late 50's (the last family to call it home was the Twiggs). Many babies were born in the Hunter - England cabin. If only it could talk.

By all accounts, the house was built sometime around 1832 (approximately 176 years ago) by John Hunter. Most of the logs and, of course, the rocks are in good shape. Smith says the house sits on oak sills, the logs are poplar, and the porch was built on locust. Antique wallpaper can be seen in multiple layers on the inside walls. After all these years, the colors are only slightly faded.

Each rock and log will be carefully moved to the new location. Smith says, "I will rebuild the rock pillars and go from there. First I have to get it all down and moved."

Originally located on Gainesville Highway 129 S. right past Choestoe Village , the cabin has been the subject of countless photos and is very will documented. It is the oldest cabin in Blairsville, Georgia.