House of Prayer rallies at Funworld

Blairsville, Georgia House of Prayer rallies at Funworld in Hiawassee

A Registration Rally for Upward Basketball was recently held by House of Prayer at Funworld in Hiawassee, Georgia. Christian radio personality Chad Davis, from 104.7 the Fish, hosted the event.

The Busbee twins, Courtney and Crystal, won Fish prizes for beating the DJ three games in a row in free-throw basketball.

Fish t-shirts, Christian artist CD's, key chains, stickers and other prizes were awarded throughout the afternoon.

Upward Director Nathan Helton stated, "We are very excited about the children who registered for Upward basketball during today's registration rally. The community support and enthusiasm, mixed with the dedication of countless volunteers, have proved very encouraging in our efforts to reach out to the children with the love of God through the Upward Sports ministry."

KidStuf crew leader Julie McPherson was on hand to lead the children in song and coordinated dance from our Wednesday night KidStuf program. Among the songs performed was, "Come and Go with Me to My Father's House."  Through creative movement and lots of energy, Julie and the Kidstuf crew recited, "It's a big, big house, with lots and lots of room.  It's a big, big table with lots and lots of food.  It's a big, big yard where you can play football.  It's a big, big house.  It's my Father's house."

Though By The Book was unable to perform live due to the rain, drummer Mike Hodges was present to show his support for the program and play basketball with the children as was House of Prayer Youth Director Kyle Squires.  Funworld, who co-sponsored the event, graciously donated basketball free-play throughout the afternoon.  There were plenty of children and adults alike who took advantage of the opportunity!

Coaches Candi and Chris Busbee spoke with parents about the benefits of the Upward program in general.  Relating how Upward is icing on the cake in relation to the KidStuf program offered at the House of Prayer, Candi stated, "We have three children of our own and understand the importance of providing a good foundation while they are young.  Chris and I have been active in our church's KidStuf program for the past two years.  KidStuf meets each Wednesday night during the school season and teaches the children a new virtue each month.  It's basically a live variety show for children using high energy song and dance worship music, skits, Good Book Look lesson, special effects, lighting - it's the whole package.  By adding the Upward program to our family regimen, our children will learn how to act like Christ in real-time stressful situations, they'll learn the fundamentals of sports, they'll have the opportunity to put into practice in a very practical way everything they are taught during KidStuf."