Home Depot At-Home Services Road Show

September 27, 2008 - Blairsville, Georgia Home Depot hosts At-Home Services Road Show

The recent Blairsville Home Depot At-Home Services Road Show featured exhibits, demonstrations, free give-a-ways, music, and games. Customer Service Rep Norma Garrett, Home Services Rep Sandy Stevens, and Certified Nursery Consultant Amber Gerdes were on hand to greet visitors and direct ongoing activities.

Various exhibits and demonstrations were featured throughout the event. Heating and air, roofing, gutters, paint, windows, storage buildings, garages, and other home services were showcased. Vendors were a big part of the Road Show and provided expert advice and first hand knowledge to customers.

Tielor and Haley Hoyer
Tielor and Haley Hoyer

Blairsville Home Depot Child's Safety Day

Every year on the first Saturday in October, the Home Depot holds a Child's Fire Safety Day for the people in Union County. The annual event is known for its exhibits and fun activities.

The Blairsville Home Depot was the scene of lots of activity. Each child received a toy truck kit and with parents help, they hammered and worked like little construction workers to get the project finished. They also received Home Depot trademark orange aprons, coloring books, pins, temporary tattoos, and a Certificate of Achievement. Blue Ridge EMC gave out bright yellow, toy hard hats. Guides for protecting homes from wildfires were available.

Children learned many safety tips such as, if you see something catch fire, get an adult or call 911. Remind grown-ups to change smoke alarm batteries yearly. Don't climb anything near powerlines. Electric appliances should be far away from sinks, bathtubs and puddles of water. And tell an adult immediately if an electrical appliance starts smoking, smells funny, or makes sparks.

A visit from Air Rescue's helicopter was exciting. The landing and take off created a breeze that cooled everyone off. Members of the Blairsville Police Department, The Fire Department, and Blue Ridge Mountain EMC were on hand to teach kids and adults about fire safety. The Tulip Organization participated and the Wilderness Scouts volunteered their time to do the cooking and keep the crowd happy with free food and drinks.

Sparky the Fire Dog was a highlight of the day. He attracted lots of attention. Sparky is the mascot of the Fire Department. His job is to create public awareness about fire safety and he even has his own comic book. He is a big hit with the kids. "Sparky is a busy dog." Says Brad Niebrand, "He goes to schools and all the parades. Children know him. They remember his name."

The Rescue Squad gave many demonstrations. Shift Lieutenant EMT Damon Hood showed the kids the Jaws of Life and how emergency workers use neck braces when people are injured. The Fire Department explained different tools on the fire truck. The Police Department fingerprinted all the children. Two EMC employees, Keith Clayton and Jason Brannan, taught about electricity with a model of a farm. Sparks would fly when a miniature tree hit the power lines. A toy back-hoe dug up buried lines and sparks flew out of the ground.

Ms. Katie Abercrombie started planning the Child's Fire Safety Day three months ago. With the help of Blairsville Store Manager Kevin Cornett and Assistant Norma Garrett the event was successful. The children and adults learned all about fire safety and had a great time, too.

Home Depot holds free workshops every month. Parents and children work together to build all kinds of stuff like bird houses and race cars. (The workshops count toward points in the Boy and Girl Scout Programs.) It's a great family outing.