Henry Goines

November 7, 2008 - New idea from Blairsville, Georgia resident Henry Goines

The Henry Goines Company in Blairsville, Georgia is now producing a lightweight hiking-walking pole. It is a metal rod with a comfortable, soft handle, leather strap, and turned-up end. Henry says, "I walk every day, so I made one for myself, then one for my daughter and brother-in-law. I can make them in two different lengths, depending on a person's height. The walking pole brings stability and safety to anyone that walks. I hope to sell them to retail stores with a list price of $29.95."

Blairsville resident Henry Goines has designed many new products during his long and distinguished career including commercial tape dispensers, transfer tape holders, plastic fire extinguisher tags, custom racks, sign magnets, sign holders, write-on boards, glass etching processes, removable signs, windshield decals, and other vinyl sign supplies. His newest project is the development of the metal "walking stick."

He says, "It took a while to get it right. I finally found a company in Atlanta to make the handles."

Henry Goines has been self-employed for most of his life except for a short time as sales representative for Eastman Kodak Company in the 1960's. Until computers took over, Henry produced manual arrival and departure boards for all the major airlines. He has sold tape holders and other items to companies all over the world including England, Greece, and Australia. Henry says, "I get most of my business on the internet. I sell on EBay and also have my own website."

Henry Goines was born on January 9, 1930. He served in the United States Navy from 1948 to 1952 and is a Korean War veteran. During September of 1950, he carried the first Marines into Inchon, South Korea where The Battle of Inchon resulted in a decisive victory in favor of the United Nations .

Henry and Sue Fowler Goines married on October 21, 1951 and recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary in Union County. Sue says, "He still buys me roses after all these years." Henry and Sue moved from the Atlanta area to Union County on December 31, 1970. They have three sons and one daughter, Steve, Jimmy, David, and Susan Bagley.