Harry Madducks with Stonehenge family

May 15, 2009 - Harry Madducks celebrates 100th Birthday in Blairsville, Georgia

Harry Madducks was born May 16, 1909 at 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. The 70 year old doctor that delivered him stayed all night and charged the family $15.

Harry says, "My mother weighed just 98 pounds and it was a difficult birth. I was born in the kitchen or our apartment in Pittsburg , Pennsylvania . Rent back in 1909 was $13 a month and we didn't even have a bathroom. We had to use an outhouse."

Mr. Madducks continues, "I met and married my wife after knowing her for three days. It was love at first sight. We were married for 60 years until she died at the age of eighty-two." Harry has lots of stories to tell. When asked if he has any suggestions for a long and healthy life he answers, "I never drank or smoked except for a couple of beers during the war."

Mr. Madducks spent almost 5 years in active duty and another 28 years in the Reserves. He also worked for 30 years as an industrial engineer at Westinghouse.

Harry Madducks has been at Stonehenge Assisted Living in Blairsville, Georgia since 1998. That makes him the oldest resident and the resident that has been at the Union County facility the longest. He says, "The staff here is like my second family. My other family is coming tomorrow and I will go to visit them in Marietta for a few days." Blairsville, Georgia wishes a happy birthday to Mr. Madducks!