Harrison Nix is 90

July 19, 2008 - Harrison Nix celebrates 90th birthday in Blairsville, Georgia

Harrison Nix celebrated his 90th birthday on July 19, 2008 in Blairsville, Georgia. Family and friends greeted Mr. Nix with a hearty round of "Happy Birthday" and a drum roll from the band. The surprise party started around 6:00 with a covered-dish dinner and birthday cake. Live music was provided by Tony Nix and the Little Giant Band.

Daughter Vina Frederick came all the way from Oregon to celebrate with her dad in Union County. She says, "It was hard to get him away from the house without letting on about the party. I think he suspected something was going on."

Union County resident Harrison Nix is well known in Union County as owner and operator of Choestoe Valley 's Cedar Mountain Campground. Visitors have enjoyed camping and fishing at Cedar Mountain for over twenty years. When Mr. Nix retired from Chrysler and returned home to his family farm in 1980, he decided a campground and trout pond would be the perfect way to preserve the scenery.

Congratulations to Harrison Nix on reaching 90. Nix says, "If I make it to a hundred the whole town of Blairsville is invited!" With over 80 campsites and two trout ponds spread out along a mountain creek, Cedar Mountain Campground is the perfect place for a birthday party, a camping trip, or a fishing outing.