Gong Show 2008

March 15, 2008 - Gong Show features Woody Gap talent in Suches, Georgia

The 4th Annual Woody Gap Gong and Talent Show is an evening of song, comedy, and dance with door prizes, tempting snacks, and lots of digital cameras. Proud parents, faculty, and classmates cheer on their favorites and call for the "gong" when warranted.

Sponsored by the Woody Gap Student Council, the event draws over 200 people to the school cafeteria and auditorium for a spaghetti dinner and "show." It's an event not to be missed for residents of Suches, Georgia. Even storms and threats of tornados don't dampen the spirited crowd and brave performers.

Act One of The Gong Show began with puppets Sonny and Cher singing "I've got you Babe." Next, last year's winners Landon Tritt and William Pruitt rocked the house with a fantastic "Rock Medley." Ivy LeCroy, April Turner, Corey Fischer, Bretney Langston, Johnah Langston, and Becky Lance took their turns at the mike with songs. All of these young singers gave heartfelt performances that made the judges' job that much harder.

Dylan and Hannah Mott did a classic rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" with Yoko Ono (Hannah) on keyboards and John (Dylan) playing guitar. Crystal Bagley, Ciara Aponte, Brooklyn Wood, Morgan Pruitt, and the Quicksilver Cloggers kept the audience's feet tapping with their lively dance routines.

Andy Friesen, the Unknown Comic, 10101110011, the King, Colton Anderson, Logan Wood, Dakota Etheridge, the Bishop, and the Municipal Midgets also did their part to entertain the crowd with everything from dreadlocks and painted bellies to strobe lights and dancing computers. According to audience reaction, a couple of young stand-up comics are ready for the Tonight Show!

Woody Gap Student Council would like to thank host and judges George Vanvoorhis, Terry Pickelsimer, Lexi Adkins, Adam Barton, the sound system crew, the sponsors, and everyone else that put in many hours of hard work. Without them the show would not have been possible.

Gong Show

Everybody Wins at the 2nd Annual Woody Gap Gong-Show

Everyone that attended the 2nd Annual Woody Gap Gong/Talent Show came home a winner. The crowd was entertained, the talented performers gained valuable experience, and the Student Council earned money for school improvements. It was a special evening that people will remember for many years.

Corey Fischer opened the Gong Show with his fiddle and a version of "Cripple Creek". Next, Kelly Davis and Casey Crisson sang "Jackson". The Quicksilver Cloggers danced up a storm. Leia Breedlove sang "No One". For the 5th act, Patrick Dodd and Chris Taylor put on a comedy routine. At this point in the show, one of the distinguished Judges surprised everyone with a loud GONG. Good-bye Patrick and Dobber.

The show continued with Austin Clark lip-synching to "Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk". Landon Tritt was next on guitar with "Nothing Else Matters". Andy Friesen followed with an entertaining magic act. The night was going great when another loud GONG rang out. Kyle Garrett and Jessie Cole's hand-stand routine just didn't quite stand up to the talented singers, dancers, musicians, and magicians.

Another song, "Broken Road" was song by Cherish Evans. Kendall Joblonski and Crystal Bagley danced. Logan Wood and Lauren Adams, looking a lot like Sonny and Cher, sang "I've got you Babe". The Municipal Midgets were next and oh, no! Another GONG rang out.

Staci Clark sang "Amarillo Sky", Jordyn Harry did a dance routine, Jennifer Harry impressed everyone by singing"You'll Never Thirst", and Patrick Dodd and Thomas Pirkle did a song and dance routine. Madison Hulsey sang "Somebody's Hero", Joel Sharbaugh played the classical guitar (and won first place 7-12th Grade), Tiffany Dale sang "Jesus Take the Wheel", and Ma and Pa did the limbo. GONG! Ma and Pa didn't do too well.

Jessie Cole sang "She Said Yes", ALex Francis played the piano, and Morgan Pruitt sang "The Best is Yet to Come" (and won first place K-6th Grade), the Unknown Comic did a comedy routine and what a surprise, the GONG rang out for the last time.

Bravo to all the acts (it isn't easy to stand up and perform for a sold out show). Bravo to the teachers and staff, the Student Council, Principle Jinger Taylor, and everyone else that worked extra hard to make the show a success. Thanks to the fine sponsors that made the show possible: Appalachian Springs, Inc., Budget Propane, Terry's Paint and Body Shop, Mountain Top Realty, Barton Construction, Suches General Store, Coker's Clean-Up, Mountain Property, The Wood Crew, United Community Bank, Bank of Blairsville, and Heritage Propane. Also much appreciation goes to Rick Morris, Station Manager of Gold 104.3 FM WHC Dahlonega, for being the perfect host. Last, but not least, thanks to the Judges, Tommy White, Dee Hardman, and Trudi Austin. Thanks for giving the folks of Union County a great Saturday night.