Galaxy Bowling Center
Neville Smith and Nichole Patrick

February 22, 2010 - Fun times at UC Galaxy Bowling Center in Blairsville, Georgia

Enotah Investments, LLC, owned by Solomon Patrick, has acquired the management of Union County Galaxy Bowling Center. The Bowling Center is still open for business and continues to operate under the management team of Neville Smith, Cherrie Bellassai, and Nichole Patrick.

Neville says, "Bowling makes a great family activity. Bowling is the only true family sport where everyone can participate." Neville, Cherrie, and Nichole work to provide a fun and safe atmosphere - and many improvements are underway to ensure the bowler's enjoyment.

Union County Galaxy Bowling Center is a family sports entertainment center. The staff is dedicated to the enrichment of area families and promotion of Blairsville businesses. They work with small business owners, churches, schools, large corporations, and other groups to provide entertainment opportunities. Discount rates are available for special packages, business meetings, and birthday parties.

The Union County Galaxy Bowling Center has some of the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff in the southeast and beginners are always welcome. Nichole says, "Our top priority is our bowler's enjoyment. If you haven't been bowling with your family and friends lately, you are missing out on a great time."

Bowling is a fun way for parents to get their kids interested in physical activity. It is also an entertaining way to spend quality time with friends. See you at Galaxy Bowling in Blairsville, Georgia!